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Nutricharge DHA

Nutricharge DHA provides the quintessential vital DHA molecule for women planning to conceive, pregnant ladies as well as lactating mothers to help in the brain organ development of the foetus.

It is a completely vegetarian DHA obtained from sea algae encapsulated in a patented carragenan made veg soft capsule.

Nutricharge Veg Omega

Nutricharge Veg Omega is the Power of OMEGA-3 for your health, containing 420 mg of total omega and 250 mg of Omega-3 nutrients. Omega-3 are essential nutrients (our bodies can’t make them) required for healthy heart, skin, nerves and joints. Omega-3 nutrients are very safe and have multiple health benefits. Scientists have proved that Omega-3 nutrients protect us from heart diseases and diabetes, keep skin healthy, check cholesterol levels and reduce joint pain and stiffness. Our diet often lacks Omega-3 nutrients, so most of us don’t get enough of them. As Omega-3 is so good for our heart, skin and joints, do add a daily dose of Omega-3 goodness to your routine with Nutricharge Veg Omega.

Nutricharge Veg Omega helps keep you “Young At Heart”

Nutricharge Kids

Nutricharge Kids Mango is a daily Nutritional drink for children and is enriched with the taste of Real Alphonso Mango.
It is a First time in India launch containing Real Alphonso Mango Powder, a rich source of Vitamins and Micro nutrients which improves immunity and enhances memory.
Real Alphonso Mango Powder is rich in Beta Carotene which is known to be an excellent source of Vitamin A and an effective natural antioxidant which keeps eyes healthy and improves vision.