It is an indian start-up developing and manufacturing innovative protein-rich packaged food. With the aim of providing cruelty-free and healthier vegetarian (vegan) alternatives to meat, we have created innovative plant-based meat substitutes or mock-meat products. It brings to you vegetarian achari tikka in a “heat-n-eat” format – a convenient, healthy and delicious starter that is sure to delight you and your loved ones, experience the joy of this traditional indian dish right on your plate, full with the tangy and spicy flavour profile of an indian “achar”. The dish looks and tastes like meat, but is 100% vegetarian (Vegan) – a result of deep product development expertise and a passion for food. High protein, high dietary fiber, zero cholesterol and zero trans fats – great nutrition goes hand-in-hand with great taste just unpack the product and heat in a microwave or pan to unlock the flavours and provide a treat for your senses.


– Tasty, tangy, mock-meat “heat-n-eat” starter (100% vegetarian/vegan)
– High protein, high fiber
– Zero cholesterol, zero trans-fat
– Made with heart-healthy rice bran oil
– No refrigeration required

– Weight 200gm


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GoodDot Achari Tikka [200gm]

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