We bring to you flavours of Avadh with kewra and kesar adding to the charm of this dish, bits of vegan plant-derived protein chunks boost your health and eating pleasure. Convenient, One-Step pressure cooker format, this delish product will delight your taste-buds and address your hunger pangs! All the flavour and nutrition comes enveloped in the mild, sweet aroma of carefully selected long-grain Basmati rice. This is a 100% Vegan product, with No Cholesterol and No Trans Fats! with the added benefits of protein and dietary fiber, this is an easy-to-digest biryani that is really nutritious! Good health and good taste go together. Like with its other, it has brought cutting-edge innovation in a pouch. Prepare to be delighted.


– Packed with the goodness of soya, pea protein, gram flour, quinoa, flax seed and wheat
– Add water and pressure cook as directed (one-step process)
– Healthy, high protein, zero cholesterol, zero trans fat product with the goodness of dietary fiber
– 100% Vegan with plant-based protein bits for eating pleasure


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Ready To Cook Biryani [150gm]

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