• Come summers and the blazing heat starts to wreak havoc on our body and mind. All you need is a cold drink that will rejuvenate your senses
  • Traditionally flavoured with rose syrup and enhanced with the richness of milk, this beverage will render an everlastingly cooling sensation on your palate
  • You can relish it with chilled water or add it as a topping to desserts, ice creams, and sweets
  • Serving suggestion: mix 1/4 glass part of natural drink rose rest fill with milk/ water & ice
  • Ingredients: sugar, rose water, synthetic food colour, added flavour- natural, artificial flavour (rose flavour)
  • Navkar: natural homemade syrup/ sharbat
  • Total weight: 750 milliliters; shelf life: 365 days


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Scrunch Rose Sharbat [750ml]

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